Stage 3 – Final Major Project


It’s the final assessment stage! The time has flown by, despite the never-ending lockdown and no access to uni campus, and going stir crazy …. The tutorials and workshops have continued via Zoom with success. Although we all miss the social aspect of being in a physical workshop room, and of course the peer contact, idea-bouncing and general creative ambience of like-minded folks. Our tutors are a friendly, supportive and interesting bunch of arty academics, who are really knowledgeable. I’ve really enjoyed the Illustration pathway so far.

Stage 3 Project Proposal  (Project launched mid-February)

The brief is loose:

Develop a project idea – invite open-ended enquiry

Pitch the idea in a short presentation to a small peer group and tutor

Write up a proposal having taken onboard feedback. Submit proposal, a project time plan (we have 10 weeks) and a Harvard bibliography.