The Project Proposal..

My theme will be:

A ‘map of mindfulness’ (inspired by the pandemic and its effects on our mental health)

The proposal framework will follow this format:

  • Theme
  • Why it is worthy / justify its need in the world
  • Intention (The effect I wish to have on the audience)
  • Key Research (theory /practitioners to investigate)
  • Potential audience / end-user context
  • Potential forms e.g. book – how specific do you want to be?
  • Methods / practical methods skills problems to solve

The intended effect I wish it to have on the audience? Why it’s worthy:

In the past year or so of the pandemic everyone’s mental health has been affected  to a lesser or greater extent

 Being mentally healthy and living well is important to every single one of us – whether we are living with a mental illness or not.

Everyone is experiencing lockdown differently and it is widely reported that most people are likely to be struggling with their own mental health.

Mental health is a journey we all take and this is my map to hopefully help guide the way more easily and to empathise and discuss.

To explore, empathise and illustrate methods of connection with nature, and nurture our mental health and wellbeing. Many people don’t discuss how the pandemic has affected their mental health, and we have all become more isolated during lockdown. My project is to get people talking about it, empathising, thinking and looking at possible ways of improving/nurturing their mental health and wellbeing. Looking at art and creative mindfulness practice.

Key Research (theory / practitioners)

(this is just a starting point – I’m compiling an evolving Harvard Bibliography as my project progresses)

The Potential Audience / End User Context = Young adults and adults

Potential Form?  = A large hand rendered map which (will fold up?) (Or possibly a zine?)

Methods / practical methods skills / problems to solve etc.

-What information will be on the map? Linear or non-linear?
-It will be fictional
– What form will it take? Possibly use an old ordnance survey map as a base?
-Or make my own map using a large sheet of (brown?) paper – how large?
-What sort of paper?
– Will the map fold? Maybe some pockets and stitching?
-What medium? Gesso base, ink? Collage? Mixed media, watercolour?
 -Include ephemera?
– Colour palette?
-Journal/diaristic  journey/route style? Linear or non-linear?  Autobiographical or authorial??