Storytelling Workshop & Tutorial Feedback

Today’s zoom workshop was on sketching and storytelling narrative through sequencing. The session highlighted to me that a) I need to sketch more frequently b) I suck at drawing people – especially hands.  They have no 3D-ness about them. It’s something I must address, although we have had zero life-drawing classes this year, and I haven’t had any enthusiasm to practise it myself. Definitely more sketching practice required.

Feedback – (from Clare Baskerville)

Look at the Smithsonian Library Artist Books collection online (Rachel mentioned earlier)  – amazing selection of books that books, more like pieces of art, they include ephemera and many other things.

Look at using mark making lines/dots to show a path on a map. The very act of making dots and marks is meditative. Or use smaller pieces of a map? Perhaps further explore monoprinting using leaves. Refine the colour palette – maps have a quite a delicate colour palette. Look at O/S maps colours. Remember that maps are very fixed geographically – will mine be?

My reflection following this:

What do I see when meditating = many beautiful colours blending and swirling into patterns.  Mindfulness in nature is about biology and nature, getting away from hecticness, being calm. Bringing it back to the here and now, and repetition of pattern and thought – dots, lines, circles, making creative repetition and varying intensity.

I could incorporate a small piece of a map with sections of noisy and also calm with pathways coming from them. I have too much to include in one picture and am now considering a handmade concertina style artbook instead? (– no bigger than A4 size. Maybe A5 (too small?) or square? 20cm x 20 cm ?)

  • Or I could create a zine, but having researched zines, I think it is not detailed enough for the style of image I want to use.  The concertina book could have pull-outs or pockets and added ephemera? Start from pale O/S map colour palette and go though the book gradually blending and progressing the colours to a colourful finale of a meditation image?