Group Tutorial Zoom Session with Katie Rewse and Reflection

I think I’m now approaching the stage in my artwork where I run the huge risk of over-doing it by continuing to add too much unnecessary detail. I have a couple more details to add – sun and starts in opposite top corners, which I will collage test first to make sure they are the right effects. I asked the group and Katie Rewse (who was hosting the tutorial today) if I should add some lines of my found mindful poetry. A suggestion was to take a colour copy of the artwork and test adding the words onto it first, or to use acetate. One of the group suggested writing in white pen, so it’s more subtle.

Katie also suggested that if I have a body of work that I could investigate presenting it in a 3D virtual art gallery setting – there are various websites which enable you to build and test a limited virtual 3D exhibition for free. I researched several virtual 3D gallery websites, two which were the most appropriate for my small virtual exhibition. and my favoured one Some of the websites were for official public art galleries and museums, and cost thousands of pounds to run.  There are not many which are free to use and there are fees involved for publishing and usage.