Group Tutorial feedback

It was lovely to see my peers progress since last week, we’re all very unique and different in our styles and practice, some students work purely digitally, some are creating an end-user blog on Friendship, others surface patterns for bedding, others books…

Today’s feedback was useful. I presented my minor changes following last week’s discussions. I have been finishing off the final details to my map and added stars and a sun in collage, and also tried in Photoshop- which gave more realistic results for envisaging how the artwork might look. I showed slides of the alternatives with and without, and discussed that I feel adding much more would make the final piece too busy. One comment was that I could potentially include a few more opaque stars across the top of width of the sky and size them differently etc in Photoshop first. I will try this as it may complete the finishing touch. I have also added some of my poetry handwritten in white on the tree trunk, Katie suggested that I could include some more elsewhere on the map. Perhaps I could put it on the path to the sea? Other comments were that it is a very calming and autobiographical piece of fine art that they can visualise hanging on the wall of a yoga retreat or in an art gallery…. I showed the screen shots of a couple of virtual art gallery simulations I have experimented with.

My next steps are to prepare for hand in:

finish my artwork
gather everything I have made in Stage 3
photograph my body of work/ test pieces
review/consolidate my written Reflection and Evaluation on this blog, add to the Blog all photographs from my sketchbooks/scraps of paper

and have for hand in on 21st May:

Evidence of Stage 3 Final Major project in PDF or Blog form


Evaluation (Final summary 250 words)

Bibliography (Harvard referenced)

Signed ASAP form