Mid Point Review Critique

It was wonderful to see some of my peers work and their progress. Not being on campus has been very difficult both inspirationally and socially, and of course not seeing everyone’s progress and artwork, other than in our small Zoom tutorial peer group sessions. We are all so different in our ideation and styles. The few times I have been to campus to collect materials I have seen a handful of other students, and we’ve had a brief opportunity to discuss our projects with each other.

My mid project review with Camilla Pugh went well, I was nervous that I’d not achieved much to evidence to date in the development my final artwork.  However, I was pleased that I seem to be on track.

Is the subject context clear? = Context in the project is shown well with the subject matter

What are the intentions of the project? = Intentions with the nature and well-being shown well through the project.

Is there evidence of idea generation? = Idea generation, printmaking, prints of leaves, drawing, painting, broad response.

What research has been gathered? = Research is strong which has helped move the project forward. Research is relevant. Sources are cited. Research has been used to develop ideas.

Is there evidence of experimentation? = Strong evidence with hand drawn, printmaking and mixed media pieces

What evidence is there of problem solving? = Problem solving is evident through looking at materials and testing.

Has the original idea (outlines in the project proposal) changed? = No

Have changes in timetabling been noted? = Yes

Is there evidence of planning and organisation? = Yes

Is there evidence of contingency plans = Yes

Is there evidence of ongoing evaluation and reflection shaping the project? = Yes

Is there research & planning of final outcome for presentation to intended audience = Yes