Planning ahead for project completion

Once my collograph prints are made next week, I need to finish development of and complete my drawings, establish the final layout of my artwork, and paint in the surface pattern layers. I’m satisfied now with my dip pen drawings and artwork and will consider whether to include my mindful poems in the border of my map. 

The next issue to resolve is how to digitally present my “Map of Mindfulness” project online in its best light. I’m going to need technical assistance in photographing it – I anticipate probable issues with screens/colours and detail of my watercolour digitally which has always been a challenge with these mediums! I have already been advised that photographs rather than scans will give much better quality, and the images will need adjusting from raw photo format in Lightroom into Photoshop, and then be saved as a ‘pdf’ file. Scanning of the images would lose definition and colour. Unfortunately, digital presentation of my artwork is the required method for submission for assessment. I am concerned that aspects of my artwork detail may not be visually presented in its true and best qualities. I need to allow adequate time for this process to get the best visual results possible. 


I’ve been compiling my project Harvard bibliography using Mybib, has been a wonderful (free!) online tool. (Used successfully for my Stage 2 project). I will also add a separate reference list of artworks researched as I have studied and been inspired by several artists and their practice throughout my project. (I was concerned last week when I was online adding more reference details to it, and “Mybib” website showed an error message “content unavailable at this time”. Every reference I had entered to date was not showing. Fortunately, I had downloaded the major part of my referencing to a Word document a few weeks ago. My continued research has slowed down and become more refined during the second half of the project, so even if it had been irretrievable, I would not have had much to add thankfully. It’s all available again today – and backed up. A valuable reminder not to depend on technology and to frequently back up my files!