Preparation for final submission

Over the weekend I’ve been busy gathering everything I’ve done in Stage 3 ready to submit in one pdf. (From scraps of paper and shopping lists with ideas and thoughts scribbled on the back, to random doodles …) At the beginning of Stage 3 my first attempt at uploading photos onto the blog taken with my iphone was hindered by each photo having to be individually adjusted as the file size was too big. Thanks to my home tech support (lovely husband) we are now speeding up this process by rephotographing them (RAW). My son’s bedroom has been turned into a make-shift photographic studio and I’ve been photographing my sketchbooks, test materials and my final artwork in RAW format. I am now editing them in Adobe Lightroom – cropping and re-sizing the images, adjusting the light, white balance, exposure, contrast colour vibrancy and saturation to show good quality images of my work. This is quite a lengthy process but will be worth it as my blog needs visual evidence, it’s been rather text heavy for a few weeks, but all will be re-edited to include the photos.

Emerge 2.1 – This will be an online live exhibition showcasing the work for the class of 2021 Foundation, which will be available for anyone to view for a year. The AUB Marketing department have given us guidelines on how to submit our work or “assets” – requiring a minimum of three “assets”. Our very first proper exhibition (for most of us at least).

This morning’s seminar briefed us on the requirements of where/how to submit our work. Once we’ve submitted our entry the marketing department will then curate/edit our submissions. I need to write a brief “artists” statement (around 100 words) about my work.