Editorial Illustration Workshop Brief

Editorial illustration sees illustrators making work to accompany a text. We were on campus this week for a workshop exercise from an editorial illustration brief. I love these types of challenges! To create a digital flat colour image (3-4 colour layers) for a medical publication, no outline, not more than four colours – which can overlap. The work must illustrate an article on IBS and a low-FODMAP diet, written by Dr Michael Mosley. The initial art is created by hand, one layer per colour, then scanned into Photoshop, colours digitally added to each layer, and then created into a complete final digital artwork. http://mandmade.co.uk/?page_id=294


The UCAS deadline for application is getting closer. I’ve been getting on with my application – BA Illustration at AUB – and have drafted and re-edited several versions of my Personal Statement so far. It’s been tricky working out old examining boards for certificates … and after a complete panic thinking I’d lost all my certificates, I finally found them … in the filing cabinet …. ahem.

This week I also managed to work out how to reserve and click ‘n’ collect AUB Library books online.

Illustration Pathway Workshop  “Line and Mark”

It was good to be engaged creatively and academically again with direction. I found the diorama mini set we sketched and built fun, and a great way of finding new angles through the layers using a viewfinder. The session really made me think about using line and mark, especially when sketching my coral piece, in many different ways, using a variety of mediums, large and small images, varying the line and mark to create tone and shadow.

Experimenting in new mediums

This has been a month of testing, exploring and discovery. Webinars, workshops, and sunshine. I‘ve been experimenting with my own analog collage and some cyanotype/ sunprinting.  The sunprinting took a while to work out arranging layers and which objects gave the best effects.  I found a map Manhattan that I printed onto acetate, then used it as a background to a layered image of a feather and a sprig of dried flowers from my garden. It’s an addictive process, I developed 20 cyanotypes one sunny afternoon.